Oasis Family,

Happy 2018! We are so excited to share another incredible year with our Oasis team, family, and friends. Thank you all for being supportive of our mission, sharing in our vision for a healthier, happier future, and lighting up our order window with your hungry, smiling faces! 

This past year we launched our new greatly improved unprocessed plant-based menu, and we’ve received an overwhelming amount of love and support. We are so happy that our community responded in an encouraging way to a business that strives to provide a healthy, plant-based, organic option in a world saturated with processed, fast “food.” Our mission is so much stronger and our vision so much clearer with our community’s support. Thank you.

We wanted to inform you that, due to increasing food costs and wages, we will be implementing a price increase on a few menu items effective Sunday, March 4th, 2018. Our customers trust us to provide the best quality ingredients that are healthy and sustainable, and to meet this expectation we source food that is organic and local when possible. We trust our customers understand the economics of inflation, standard food cost increases, and the need to keep small business operations sustainable, but if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us directly at oasisvegetarian@gmail.com. We love educating our guests on what happens behind-the-scenes to keep our doors open!

Despite our minor price increase on a few menu items, we still offer incredible value for plant-based, organic, scratch-made, delicious vegan and vegetarian food. We are also competitively priced even in comparison to non-organic, non-plant-based, processed restaurants in the area. We strive to keep our prices accessible to everyone, so that anyone can find something on our menu that is healthy and meets their budget.

Oasis Family, we are SO EXCITED to share another amazing, healthy year with you! We wish you the best in health, and happiness.

With love,